DONG Energy is one of the leading energy groups in Northern Europe. Our headquarters are in Denmark. Our business is comprised of procuring, producing, distributing and trading in energy and related products in Northern Europe.



Skilled and comitted employeesSkilled and comitted employees

DONG Energy IT Malaysia is a part of DONG Energy IT, which consists of more than 400 skilled and committed employees working across Northern Europe and in Malaysia.

IT works closely together with DONG Energy’s five business units in Denmark and all over Northern Europe to create and support excellent IT solutions for the energy company of today and tomorrow.


We are currently well over 70 employees in Malaysia, working on a wide range of projects involving anything from internal communication on our intranet to building a more flexible and efficient energy system. Our business delivers in many different areas and therefore we use a variety of tools from SharePoint, .Net, GIS and SAP to solve the ongoing development and projects within DONG Energy.


DONG Energy IT has been active in Malaysia since 2010 through a partnership with a local software development company. In late 2011, DONG Energy decided to start an offshore branch in Malaysia, which, since the beginning of 2012, has been growing at a fast pace providing IT solutions for DONG Energy.

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Supplying solutionsSupplying solutions

Today, DONG Energy IT Malaysia has a team of dedicated employees. As a part of DONG Energy, we supply solutions for our colleagues in Europe every day through a close link. Although we are an offshore office, we are in direct contact with our colleagues in Denmark every single day.

We are still growing to meet the demand for even more complex IT solutions within DONG Energy.


As a leading energy company in Northern Europe, we are proud to be part of the development of a modern multinational work culture within DONG Energy here in Malaysia.

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