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Celine JamesCeline James

Title: Team Leader

Department: Web Platform Operations and Windows Server

Hired at DONG Energy IT: March 2012

What excites you about your work?

“I am most excited about the diverse challenges and opportunities that DONG Energy IT provides in both technical and management areas. As an innovator, I am most excited to have opportunities to explore, innovate, and implement new and creative ideas.”


What makes your work meaningful?

“To me, work is meaningful when I am able to link what I am doing to the organisational strategic goals and direction. Aligning these goals to our department’s strategy makes my work even more meaningful.”


How can you describe your development at DONG Energy IT?

“DONG Energy IT focuses a great deal on building knowledge workers and highly skilled individuals. I have obtained development via official technical training courses, on-the-job training, development in soft skills and communication as well as mentoring and guidance from my managers. I have obtained professional certification such as Certified Scrum Professional and I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in Business Information System.”


Which of the DONG Energy values is most important to you?

“Passion, which is also one of our guiding principles. Passion is what drives me to do my very best.”

Gaurav GrigoGaurav Grigo

Title: Technical Lead

Department: Domain Knowledge  

Hired at DONG Energy IT: July 2012

What excites you about your work?

“I am excited about the fact that we in DONG Energy IT are courageous in exploring new technologies that have propelled us forward into the IT world by investing in state of the art solutions, platforms and products. It brings excitement to my daily work that I am a part of an organisation that is committed and focused on technology innovation. DONG Energy IT is definitely an organisation that sets new IT benchmarks for the energy industry.”


What makes your work meaningful?

“You get opportunities to establish a solid foundation with full support from colleagues in an encouraging environment. With exposure, encouragement and freedom to explore, you are able to bring yourself to higher grounds, which is something I highly value.”


What does work life balance mean at DONG Energy IT

“I heard about the work life balance in European companies before I worked as an employee for one. Based on my experience with DONG Energy, I would say that they assist you in providing a good work life balance in several ways. In my opinion, family is one of the strongest values in the Danish society, while in the Asian culture, spending most of your working hours at work is a strong value. Before, it was difficult for me to adapt and seek a balance, but now I am able to enjoy the best of both worlds. With the flexibility granted, it entails a deeper sense of responsibility and accountability in my work and translates into higher motivation.”


What do you think are the most important qualifications for your job?

“The right mindset, eagerness to learn and thrive for excellence are the most important qualifications when you work at DONG Energy. We learn the same theories at institutions, but what matters is that we find a smart way to apply theory in practice in our daily work.”

Morteza AziziKhalkheiliMorteza AziziKhalkheili

Title: Senior .NET Software Engineer I

Department: Domain Knowledge

Hired at DONG Energy IT: September 2014

How would you describe your development at DONG Energy IT?

“Joining such a well-organised company, I found the process of getting on the right track very pleasing. When I first started, the focus was to build my personal profile, finding my weaknesses and strengths. This has helped me to understand what I need to work on in order to reach both my short-term and long-term targets. Besides that, the management at DONG Energy IT highly encourages and supports their employees’ development by offering them a wide range of courses and training. With additional course certificates and by taking initiatives in the department, I have been able to boost my career development.”


What are the greatest lessons you have learned at DONG Energy IT?

“The greatest lesson is probably that I have learned to become a trusted technical consultant. Balancing my already strong technical knowledge with my improved communication skills has excelled my understanding of what creates business value. The result is that I am able to provide the best possible solution for our customers. ”


What does work life balance mean at DONG Energy IT?

“DONG Energy takes care of employee safety and provides a healthy and safe work environment. The company provides health checks for their employees as a part of the medical insurance package, as well as a good holiday package that makes it possible for us to plan our holidays. Working hours are very flexible as the supervisor’s mindset about software engineering relies heavily on the employees’ ability to manage their own time. This gives me time to pursue my passion for Iranian music as well as my interest for food discovery.”

Alvin SoongAlvin Soong

Title: Senior Entry SAP Basis Consultant

Department: SAP Basis Operations

Hired at DONG Energy IT: December 2012

What excites you about your work?

“What excites me the most about my work is how the team works together to solve a problem. In our team, there is room for both laughter and hard work; this keeps the team spirit at a high level and motivates me to perform my best for the sake of the team. It is also a big part of what motivates me to go to the office every day and not just take a sick leave if I am not feeling at the top of my game. The team leader brings a lot of comfort to the team, and this makes the team communicate well. We also have a good relationship within the SAP Basis team and we go out a lot together.”


What does work life balance mean at DONG Energy IT?

“DONG Energy IT provides me a sense of work life balance through badminton games every week and several social events. ‘DONGlympics’, which was a day of games and competitions, is just one example. This event made it possible for everyone to come together in a different setting, to socialise outside the office and just have fun. These sort of events have strengthened and motivated us to work better as a team. And as I love to do different types of sports in my spare time, I highly value these sort of events. ”


How can you describe your development at DONG Energy IT?

“DONG Energy IT encourages training and to keep moving forward and improve our skill set. This has helped me to improve my skills and keep up with the fast-moving SAP technology. The learning curve is steep and this keeps me excited about my work.”