Working for DONG Energy IT Malaysia


At DONG Energy IT Malaysia, we are constantly developing our workplace. Through DONG Energy's guiding principles, we focus on maintaining a good work-life balance. It is important to us that our workplace offers exciting tasks and high professional standards. It is also important that our working environment supports the modern way of life, which involves a need for great flexibility and individual solutions.

For this reason, we always strive to develop our workplace to offer our employees the best conditions, regardless of gender, age, educational background, career wishes and ethnicity.

International company

Working for DONG Energy IT Malaysia means that you are working in an international company and in a multicultural environment. We are an important part of DONG Energy although we are not sitting next to our colleagues in Europe.

Job satisfaction

At DONG Energy, we focus on our employees' job satisfaction. There are many factors affecting the way people feel joy from their day-to-day work and how it influences their job satisfaction. For this reason, we perform a climate survey every year, asking our employees about their job satisfaction. The results of each year's climate survey help to ensure satisfied employees, good management and identify new focus areas that require improvement.

At DONG Energy we focus on our employees’ job satisfaction